I’m hosting a hustings!

The General Election is now less than three months away and already we can see evidence that politicians of all parties are enthusiastically courting local businesses.

And with the vast majority of UK workers either running or working in a small business, there is no doubt that those of us in the SME community will be especially important to those politicians in the run-up to May 6.

But where do the parties actually stand on business issues and what will be their priorities to help the business community if they are elected?

Well, to try and help answer some of these questions, with the FSB’s Bath branch I will be hosting a special business-led General Election hustings on Tuesday, March 24. At the event all six of the declared candidates for the Bath constituency will have a chance to explain to you, the businessmen and women of Bath, what they believe in during a ‘Question Time’ style debate.

We have already communicated to the Bath candidates what the FSB’s main priorities are via our own national manifesto – see it at http://www.ibacksmallbusiness.com/ – and we are certain that the hustings evening at the Bath Function Rooms above the Green Park Brassiere, will be a lively and entertaining exchange of views.

The event is free to attend and is open to FSB members and non-members alike and although business questions will be at the heart of it there should also be time to discuss wider political matters and to get to know little bit more about the personalities of the six people who are fighting so hard to win the Bath seat.

So, why not join us? This is a golden opportunity for the SME community to get our voices heard on the issues that affect the day-to-day running of our businesses and also to start to build a relationship with the person who will be our eyes and ears in Westminster in the years to come.

If you’d like to join us then please sign up at http://tinyurl.com/llnmxgf and then we can make sure that whoever wins the Bath seat will go to Parliament knowing that little more about what the small business community of this city is looking for them to deliver…

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