50 Things to do Before I'm 50

50 Things to do Before I’m 50

Always up for a challenge, I set myself on a journey to complete 50 things that I have never done before, before my 50th birthday in September 2016

Some people have given me challenges, some I have set myself.

I will be charting my journey on Facebook (one challenge I was set was to take a selfie of every challenge I did and post it to Facebook – here is the link to that album).

Some of the things I have completed so far are…

  1. Find a geocache (too easy so I have upgraded it to find 50)
  2. Make a Great British Bake Off technical challenge
  3. Get Food Intolerence Tested
  4. Volunteer for the day with a charity
  5. Deliver cupcakes to the homeless people in Bath
  6. Run a UK marathon and beat my PB (smashed by PB by 29 minutes)
  7. Sell Poppies
  8. Ride a Zip Wire
  9. Complete a Duathlon
  10. Complete the Movember (move every day in November) challenge

And some on the list to complete are….

  • Win a competition
  • Add to my race medal collection so that I have 50 medals in total
  • Get 2,000 followers on Twitter
  • Learn a new skill
  • Give up wine for January
  • Give up chocolate for Lent
    And many many more

I still have a few challenge spaces left if anyone wants to send me a challenge – just email me angela@ampmpa.co.uk

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