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Since starting AMPMPA in 2008, I have had a few changes of direction in the services I offer to clients.  Initially just offering ‘traditional’ PA services, carrying out admin, filing, diary management, typing, document formatting and helping with things like invoicing and low level bookkeeping.

The world has moved on since then and most of the roles I carry out are not PA roles at all, and more business development and marketing. I also coach and train people a lot more now.

Since social media has become more and more popular, I have started offering monthly ‘packages’ for social media engagement. This may include posting regular Twitter updates (including follows, faves, RTs and mentions) to creating and maintaining Facebook pages. I also help people manage their online reviews, and set up mailing campaigns to send out regular newsletters.  All to help raise awareness and increase customer engagement.

And after many times of helping other PAs and VAs set up in business, I am now offering coaching services to people who are looking for help and support in getting started in their Virtual PA Business.

I still retain some of my initial services including my ‘Just a Day’ service and Excel, Word and Powerpoint help, formatting and problem solving.

My aim has always been to provide business support services to small and micro businesses, and even though most of my clients are based in or near Bath, I also work with many clients only virtually.  Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and Messenger are all great ways to keep in touch, and having meetings online cuts down hugely on travel time and costs, and keeps everyone focussed.

If you would like any help or support, please do get in touch, I am here to help, organise, support and grow your business.

Thanks for reading

Angela MacAusland
Your PA for a Day



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