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A day in the life of me

June 30, 2016

I was recently interviewed by The Business Exchange Bath and Somerset magazine about my day, you can read the article by following the link above, but I have also done an audio blog about it.

Which you can listen to here.

What time does your alarm go off? I don’t have an alarm, I am usually awake with the dawn chorus, and on the odd occasion I am not awake by 5.45am, my husbands alarm clock goes off anyway. 

What’s the first thing you do? The small hours of the morning give me an opportunity to catch up on the world, I check my iPhone for news, social media and any messages/texts that have come in overnight. I then get up, have a shower and get dressed, make a pot of tea and breakfast, and then switch on my computer and read my emails.

What do you do for lunch? As I mostly work from home, lunch is usually either a salad or something I can grab quickly, I always eat at my desk and try to get out for 20 or 30 minutes to walk the dog when I can. When I am out and about I will pop into a local independent deli or café and grab something that takes my fancy – scotch eggs and quiche my favourites at the moment. 

What do you love most about your job? Being able to be in control and not get distracted by office politics and other peoples schedules. I am an organiser and micro manage everything I do, some might say I am a control freak, but I am happy with that, I like things done my way and done well.

But I also love the flexibility that working for yourself brings, granted I sometimes have to work back to back 16 hour days, but I can also take a few hours out to go for a run, get my hair done or just walk the dog when the sun is shining.

What’s the worst part of the job? Being a Virtual PA, most of my interaction with people is through the digital world, so I don’t get to see many people face to face during the day. Whereas that can be advantageous when I am trying to juggle 4 peoples tasks at the same time, I can sometimes feel isolated from remote teams that I work with. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy the social aspect of networking events so much.

What executive tool gadget could you not live without? My iPhone – which is synchronised with my laptop, tablet and desktop computers so that I can pretty much work anywhere in the world – virtually. I would be lost without it – literally in some cases as I also use it as a satnav and run workout tracker. How we managed without smartphones and apps, is quite amazing. I can remember I had my first mobile phone in 1993 and not being able to text anyone with it, because no-one else had a mobile!

What do you do after work? If I am not attending a business networking event, I am usually out running, either on my own or with one of the many running groups I am a member of. Then it will be home to cook supper for whoever is there, and sharing a bottle of wine with my husband, while winding down to watch whatever is on TV for an hour before making sure I am in bed no later than 11am.

If you changed direction, what would be your Plan B? I think I would like to work as a running coach – I already have qualifications ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’ and ‘Guide Coach’ (for visually impaired and blind runners). My plan C would be to work overseas, and to travel, work, travel until I had seen the world and was ready to come back to my hometown of Bath and settle down for a quiet life. (Did I mention plan D – to write and publish a book).

Get in touch with me if you would like to know more



Looking back to 2011

January 9, 2012

At the start of the second week of 2012, there will be plenty of New Years Resolutions that have already been broken (it’s almost as traditional as setting the resolutions in the first place).

This January I am going to take inspiration from the Roman god ‘Janus’ who is said to be the ancient god of doorways and beginnings.  Janus is usually represented as having one head with two bearded faces back to back, looking in opposite directions (one into the past and the other into the future). So in my first blog post of the New Year I shall be looking at the highs of 2011 See a photo of me this time last year.

My next blog will look forward to 2012.

2011 Best Bits


  • Spent a fantastic week in France with family and friends, lots of cheese, wine and snow!
  • Also published my first range of Greetings Cards – see blog post here. 


  • Spent a wet Sunday afternoon learning how to decorate cup cakes.  My blog post has photos, but I did this for several reasons, a) to take time out for myself, b) to see what all the fuss was about with cupcakes and c) to meet some new people. A bit of fun, but the enjoyment far outweighed the cost and time out of my day.



  • Started taking part in a twice monthly local pub quiz at The Richmond in Bath. Our team ‘The Charlie George All Stars’ named after our mascot (our dog) has finished first or second every time since the start. Still going strong in January 2012.
  • April 29th also saw the Royal Wedding of William and Kate most people remember this as they got a free day off work/school etc.


  • Carried out a bit of consumer research by using Groupon extensively for a while, to see how it worked, how it would work for other businesses and how it could work for me.  My blog post here was very positive, an update should follow as my views have changed/evolved some-what.


  • Ran in the Bath ‘Cancer Research Race for Life’ only 5km and only raised £39.90, but it started off my running passion.
  • Also took part in the Bath Sky Ride – a cycle around Bath for all ages, on closed roads.
  • And attending a ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer’ charity Twenty20 cricket match at Bath Cricket Club and won a signed shirt in the silent auction.


  • Went on holiday for 2 weeks to Corfu with the family. The first time I have taken 2 weeks out without phone or email. Practised what I preach and had all my calls and emails managed by some-one else, one of the new members of the team, Hannah who joined us in the summer.
  • Also went to see ‘Take That’ at Wembley Stadium. Amazing show and wonderful day out.



  • Helped to organise a reunion at Kelston Park, Bath for the ex-employees of The Andrew Brownsword Collection, Andrew Brownsowrd Gifts, Gordon Fraser Gallery and Classic Card Company (all latterly Hallmark Cards). Raised £250 for the RUH Forever Friends Appeal.
  • Also spent a fantastic week in New York. The same weekend as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 – will never forget that trip.


  • Had a weekend away in Wales and took my husband to the Black Mountains Falconry Centre for a half day hawk and owl experience. If any ‘townies’ want to spend a day in the country and learn lots, see beautiful creatures in a wonderful setting, I can recommend.
  • Also remembered that the world hit 7 billion people.


  • Spent a fantastic weekend away at Dartington Hall in Devon. Walked around the beautiful gardens, ate and drank at the White Hart (on-site) pub and restaurant and had a tour of the incredible conferencing/wedding/venue facilities. Was also interested to hear about their commitment to Sustainability and Social Justice.
  • Got some photos into the Bath Life magazine ‘By Invitation Only‘ event page.
  • Sponsored a few men in the ‘Movember‘ moustache growing appeal to help raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.


  • Created a Facebook Page for AMPMPA Ltd
  • Ran the longest distance in one go that I ever have attempted – 9 miles – all around Cambridge. Feeling confident that the half marathon is attainable. Decided that I needed to run a Marathon by the end of 2012 as a result.
  • Took 2 weeks off work and spent it with family and friends, a lovely warm end to an amazing year.

I think that just about sums up my year – I am sure I have forgotten a few things, so will update/edit as and when I remember.

On your bike and get running…..

June 3, 2011

Never missing the opportunity to get out of the office, just thought I would update you on some of the activities that I will be taking part in over the next 10 days.

Sunday 5th June 2011 – Bath Sky Ride

See the website for more details.

Its a ‘unique opportunity’ to ride your bike through Bath’s streets without a car in sight. It’s free and easy to register and anyone can get involved, no matter how wobbly you might be on a bike. The route is pretty easy going and last year attracted around 6,000 people. So get on your bike!

Sunday 12th June 2011 – Cancer Research Race for Life

See my Just Giving page for details of how to sponsor me.

5km around the University of Bath campus, I have been training and think I will be able to complete the route in around 40 minutes.  I would like to raise £129.90 (my race number is 1299).

All in a good cause, and hopefully will add to my get fit efforts along the way too.

Ideas for a wet Sunday afternoon

February 13, 2011

Todays blog is all about making sure you take time out to do something for yourself.

Part of working hard and being organised, is knowing how to make the most of your free time by planning activities into your life.

This afternoon, I took part in a cup-cake decorating class, and enjoyed 2 hours of sugar icing, buttercream and glitter.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed the afternoon, and still have a smile on my face now that I am enjoying the cakes with a cup of tea.

Maybe cupcakes are not for you, but just get out there and plan something for yourself.

Get your work/life balance in order, plan ahead, get organised!

If you have any other ideas for fun things to do on a wet Sunday afternoon, please do drop me an email

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