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Why networking is important in business

October 24, 2014

On of the things that brings people together in communities is having something in common, whether that is where they live, or what their interests, beliefs or backgrounds are. Since the internet became part of our lives the word ‘community’ now describes more of a social unit that shares common values, and sadly some of the face to face contact is now non-existent.

Studies show that nearly 80% of all new business comes from networking, so meeting people face to face really is a time effective, engaging and informal way of doing business. But you can’t just turn up once and hope to make lots of contacts, you need to build relationships and trust by being there in person, regularly. And remember to have fun, most networking events are social occasions too, if you focus on building friendships, referrals will follow.

So why not step away from your computer, grab a handful of business cards and head off to a networking event, make it a goal to go to one a month at least.

Its not about how many followers or likes you have on social media platforms, its about real people, because we do live in a society, where ‘real’ people do business with ‘real’ people.


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