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How to bill out your time

June 4, 2015

One of the first things new clients ask is ‘how do you charge out your time?’ so I thought I would write a blog post on this.

I have also created a video blog here

There are several ways in which we bill out our time here at AM PM PA.

  • Hourly rate
  • Daily fee
  • A set project rate
  • Monthly retainer

The other option would be on a part-time self, employed contract, but we generally don’t do that as most clients don’t want us as an extra member of staff and overhead.

Here’s how they work, with examples of each.

Monthly retainer
This would be an agreed set monthly fee, where we are tasked to carry out specific duties throughout the duration of the month. Usually agreed over a 12 month period and reviewed annually. E.g. Marketing Activities

Set project fee
Useful when there is a specific piece of work that needs to be completed within a set timescale and the fees are estimated by us beforehand and agreed with the client. E.g. Formatting and proofing a 250 page training manual.

Daily fee
When we are required to work off site for a full (or half day) we charge a set fee for this, the actual hours may vary but on average a half day is four hours and a full day eight. E.g. To carry out our on-site ‘Blitz the Backlog’ service.

Hourly rate
When clients ask us to bill them for the actual time spent, either on a project or an ongoing basis. We use a kitchen type timer for this, but you can also use a stopwatch or your computer clock, and we then record the actual hours on a spreadsheet timesheet – which we use to create our client bills at the end of each month. You could also use a time logging app such as Toggl

One last thing to explain is the difference between billable and non-billable time.

If you are an employee, you get paid for when you are at work, and this includes the time when you are making a cup of tea or chatting to a colleague about what they are doing at the weekend.

When you are self employed and are working for clients who pay you for the work you do, you only charge them for your billable time (when you are carrying out work for them). When you go to make a cup of tea, have a comfort break or pop into the bank to pay in some money, these are all non-billable times.

We have a non-billable category on our timesheet, so that we can keep an eye on how much time we are spending not working.

I hope you found this interesting and hopefully you will be able to use some of these yourselves to become more efficient in your workplace.

Let me introduce myself

October 30, 2012

My name is Angela MacAusland and I own and run  AM PM PA Limited which is a Virtual PA for a Day company.

I set up AM PM PA in Bath in 2009 and have been successfully trading ever since.

Myself and my team of PA’s work mainly virtually, but we can spend time in your place of work too if needed.

Our clients are actually based all over the UK – but we work from our offices here in Bath – that’s the beauty of being virtual!

We even run our own ‘Just for a Day’ service, where we come into your office for one day and blitz your backlog – leaving you with a clear desk!

Your To Do List becomes our To Do List

Visit our website for more information about how we can help and Let Us Organise You

Do you need a Virtual PA?

October 25, 2012

People don’t realise they need a Virtual PA until they have one!

If your work/life balance is a thing of the past and you haven’t got time to think, let alone tackle your growing task list – maybe a Virtual PA is the way forward.

Whether it’s going through your inbox, prioritising your workload or organising an event, let a VPA take the burden away from you, at a time convenient to you.

The benefit of having your own Personal Assistant, without the hassle involved with actually employing some-one. Virtual PA’s work on a freelance basis and are paid only for the work carried out – recruitment costs, holiday pay, sickness pay, benefits, pensions, are all a thing of the past!

Because we are Virtual, we can work in your office, your home or our office, whatever works for you.

PA’s make a real difference to people’s lives and businesses – we know because that’s what our clients tell us!

Get in touch today – we are Your PA for a Day

Job Description for a ‘typical PA’

July 2, 2012

Although this is only a guide, we thought you might like to see some of the things we as PA’s do on a daily basis:-

  • Screening telephone calls 
  • Dealing with enquiries and requests handling where appropriate.
  • Dealing with incoming and outgoing email correspondence
  • Organising diaries and making appointments
  • Dealing with and responding to letters
  • Producing letters, reports and presentations
  • Arranging transport and travel
  • Devising and maintaining office systems
  • Data management 
  • Filing and paperwork
  • Organising, attending meetings and taking minutes
  • Keeping track of expenditure and reconciling costs
  • Project work and research 
  • Compiling and writing reports
  • Implementing new business procedures
  • Liaising with clients, suppliers and other staff
  • Dealing with confidential correspondence
  • Personal matters when required.

Skills Required

  • Multi-tasking

  • Up to date technology skills

  • Discretion

  • Enthusiasm and drive
  • Initiative

  • Professionalism

  • Reliability
  • Listening and communication

  • Organisation

  • Flexibility

This of course is not exhaustive, most PA’s have other skills as well, some are multi-lingual, others have skills in marketing and PR, whilst others may have worked in specific sectors.  Usually your PA will do whatever is needed to get the job done, efficiently, professionally and with a friendly smile.

Have a look at our website for some of the extra services we offer

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